EU project under the Operational Programme – Innovative Economy


EU project under the Operational Programme – Innovative Economy


Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy Measure 8.2 “Support for the implementation of B2B e-business” contract No. UDA-POIG.08.02.00-14-163/-09-00 on 29.06.2011.



Name of investment

“The introduction of business process automation between Applicant and Partners Orlen Projekt S.A. with Skanska S.A. through application integrating DAT CC’s Partners IT systems.”




DAT Computer Concepts Sp. z o. o.  ul. Jeździecka 21 f, 05-077 Warszawa, NIP: 527-23-91-833, REGON: 015279980


Duration of the Project


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European Union
Polish Agency for Enterprise Development
Operational Programme – Innovative Economy (OP IE)
Operational Programme – Innovative Economy (OP IE 8.2)
European Funds Portal
Programme – Innovative Economy
Programme – Human Capital

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European Funds Portal
Programme – Innovative Economy
Programme – Human Capital

Description of the Project

The key element of this project is to create application which will integrate DAT Computer Concept’s (DAT CC) IT systems with IT systems of Orlen Projekt S.A. and Skanska S.A. in order to optimize cooperation by automating of current business processes. Eventually B2B application will be provided to all DAT CC’s Partners/Clients which will be relying on the Maintenance services improving quality of partnership and increasing the effectiveness of solving problems. Undoubtedly B2B application implements new quality in customer support in the field of maintenance service. Designing work includes tasks performed by dedicated project team, consulting services provided by specialised by external entities, applicant’s (DAT CC) equipment in technical resources, and intangible assets.

Cooperation between DAT CC and Partners is based on information/data exchange using electronic data transmission channel. DAT CC’s support department personnel using developed B2B application can in real time access to IT systems (including generated reports) and in most situations is able in take effective response directly from its location. B2B application is also equipped with a communication tool for Partners – system to submit comments to the Applicant’s technical department. This system enables achieve higher standards in cooperation with Partners, shorten issues realization time, reduce costs and substantial increase the quality of the technical cooperation.

B2B application contains information about available updates, technical knowledge base, archive of reported technical issues, their solutions and statuses, and available updates for add-on software database as well. Client’s representative will be able to browse information that interests him, which will be automatically downloaded from DAT CC application. Only authorized and instructed Client representatives granted with proper rights will be able to access system.

Our platform provides control of entire customer support process thereby creating knowledge base containing all obtained and realized issues. This will allow DAT CC better work organization, communication flow improvement and as a result increase of the cooperation with customers effectiveness.

System will allow all customers with service maintenance and other support services to make better use of the wide range of benefits – from basic communication in case of service requests, by downloading both system and polish language packages updates, up to as important obtaining information about events in cooperation area with DAT CC, eg conferences, trainings, promotions and news in range of interests given customer.


Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund

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