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Powerful cost estimating software which allows you to be more efficient, more accurate and win more profitable work

What is CostOS?

By combining traditional estimating methods with BIM 3D, 2D and GIS, CostOS is a powerful cost estimating software which allows you to be more efficient, more accurate and win more profitable work. From feasibility or Cost Plan through to the final detailed bid on a single platform.

CostOS is avaiable in three options




BIM & GIS Modules
Regarding BIM, CostOS is truly ‘BIM enabled’

BIM technology has been at the heart of CostOS from the very start and is hence, seamlessly integrated and standard functionality. No links, no imports etc. – it’s part of the furniture.

This enables the measurement of quantities, directly from a BIM and in a very simple but visual way. Just navigate through the model, auto-select elements, associate them with database items (or create new ones), click go and produce a fully described, measured and priced Bill, directly from the model – from BIM to BILL to BID in a few easy steps.

This is because CostOS already stores the relationship between model classes and cost database items and as since open industry standard IFC files are utilized, CostOS BIM technology can be used, regardless of the BIM designing tool used to create the model.

With CostOS BIM technology, it really is a case of ‘what you see is what you estimate’. As model elements are selected and measured, CostOS  ensures that no item is missed.

Furthermore, CostOS’ powerful parametric engine, if combined with BIM, enables the quick and accurate pricing of ‘less than fully-detailed’ BIM models.  Moreover, it allows design optimization and quick identification of most appropriate materials and construction methods. Intelligent, parameter-driven assemblies can be built and applied to BIM elements

2D Takeoff Modules

CostOS 2D Extraction

CostOS 2D Extraction, is a Nomitech branded Quantity Takeoff Module that is integrated with CostOS Estimating. The key Features of CostOS 2D are:
Supports measurements on PDF, TIFF, JPEG, DWG, DGN and DXF drawings

  • It is multi-user and enables many Quantity Surveyors working on the same Projects
  • It produces an analytical document of the measurements, including the calculations performed (either split in Triangles or in Basic Shapes)
  • It Supports the definition of custom measurements, such as ducts area, slab rebar and any measurement that the QS can think of
  • The quantities are fully synchronized with the BOQ / Estimate
  • The quantities can be associated with CostOS Parametric Models / Smart Assemblies.

On-Screen Takeoff by On Center

Apart from CostOS 2D, CostOS Estimating is also integrated with On-Screen Takeoff from On Center Software. 


Multi-Discipline Estimating

 Architecture, Engineering, Construction

If you are a General Contractor, Subcontractor, Consultant, QS or Project Owner, then CostOS is the only Estimating and Quantity Takeoff Solution you will ever need.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas projects can be extremely demanding when it comes to estimating. Estimators often have to provide costs and budgets with continuously evolving scope and within limited timescales.

Engineering, Procurement, Construction

Price thousands of items and manage a substantial amount of data with unmatched ease. Import/ Export or Copy/ Paste quickly, huge equipment lists and manage their Revisions easily. Group, sort, filter the data and get Costs, Man-hours, Escalations etc. in any way that you need.


CostOS today offers a unique solution to the Mining Sector. Some of the mining areas where our clients have implemented CostOS today include Precious Metals, Base Metals (Concentrators, Hydrometallurgy) , Iron Ore, Uranium, Rare Earths, Coal, and a wide range of other commodities.

CostOS Differentiators

Modern Technology and User Interface

Very Deep Estimating Capabilities

Everyday Tool, Embedded 2D, BIM & GIS Takeoffs

Strong Parametric Engine

Smart Assemblies, 2D, BIM & GIS measurements on the FLY

Drawing and BIM Comparisons

Automatic Pricing of Excel Items & Managing Revisions

Management can Supervise progress from Everywhere

What CostOS users say?

  • “I was very impressed with CostOS the first time I saw it and the more I have seen the more impressed I have become. It is a truly innovative cost estimating interface to BIM, which will integrate cost (the so called 5th dimension) to a project BIM. We are therefore delighted that the BCIS resource cost database will be available to work with CostOS. This initiative is part of our endeavour to make all our price and cost data available in BIM friendly format.”

    Joe Martin Executive Director at BCIS, RICS
  • “Oracle evaluated the Estimating solutions available globally today and Nomitech CostOS came out way ahead of the competition in a number of key areas. The key differentiators of CostOS included deep integration with Oracle Primavera P6, 100% BIM enablement with graphical quantity take offs for both building and linear projects. The solution is being rapidly adopted by our Construction clients and they are already seeing huge value from this strategic partnership.”

    Steve Dunwell Vice President at Oracle
  • "At last, proper estimating softwareHad been reviewing many software packages but none gave us hat we needed until we found CostOS. The user definable columns gave us the ability to customize the exactly what we needed. In addition the ability to seemlessly interact with Primavera P6 was a bonus. The appearance and Excel type use made use easy. Post purchase service provided by Estimating Plus was exemplorary.”

    Brian Edwards Estimating Manager at GHD
  • “Best 5D BIM Estimating system.We have tried many BIM costing tools on the market and only CostOS was able to meet the demands of everyday estimating and costing, while also facilitating take-off from multiple BIM models. Pros: There are too many to go through. Main benefits including ability to cross-code a single rate to multiple methods of measurement; excel like bottom-up estimating where required; in-built spreadsheet; links to business Primavera; has an excellent 2D take-off tool for pdf and DWG quants production; well structured databases for resource rates; multiple columns to extend pricing options; and can be used to create cost assemblies which enable automatic take-off from BIM models, matched to database rates. Cons: With so many configuration options, you will need to spend a little time getting used to the many features so you can create a workflow that suits your needs.”

    Ahmed Zghari MRICS BIM Cost Manager at HC QS
  • “Use and Integration.Excellent software, especially when compared to its peers. Easy interaction with Excel and similar functionality too. Assemblies feature stands it out from the crowd, combining quantity and cost production into single easily customisable objects.”

    Tom James Director at Lightos Ltd

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