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Business Analysis

DAT CC implements business intelligence as a stage prior to the implementation of project management system, examining the requirements and current practices in the organization.
Business Analysis can also be an independent, individual services.

Verification of current organizational methods by analyzing:

  • Business process
  • Structure of the organization
  • Supply chain
  • The research project maturity

Identify business requirements:

  • Specify needs within the scope:
    • Computer
    • Infrastructure
    • Resources
  • Identification of communication channels

Choosing the right solutions:

  • Analysis of currently used solutions
  • Presentation of the proposed systems
  • Recommendation

Applied techniques:

  • Verification of documents
  • Surveys
  • Individual interviews
  • Workshops
  • Discussion panels


Project Management

IT Systems Handling

Our training is combined with a workshop using Asta Powerproject, Oracle Primavera or Microsoft Project.

Every training’s participant gets named certificate in both paper and electronic version.

During training we provide full catering.

Our offer is elastic. Training can be tailored to the requirements of our clients. In that case, we start our cooperation with an analysis of the company and its training needs.

DAT CC is certified by AACEI (Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering International).

We provide our own, well equipped training room where each participant works at his own computer. Our coaches are making every effort so that everybody understands well the subject and acquires the knowledge and skills.

We are also able to provide training anywhere in the country. We cooperate with renowned centers and hotels and we have the ability to merge the training with an integration party.

Get your PDU points! – You can get PDU (Professional Development Units) points for participation in our training. The participant can get 7 PDU point for one training day.

Our trainers have training experience, consultancy and implementation experience what enable them to provide the ideally tailored training for our clients. It is possible to verify the capabilities of the system in relation to the specific needs of your organization, company or business unit.


We offer consulting services both for particular project management systems – Primavera, Asta Powerproject, MS Project, TILOS, CostOS, as well as in the field of broadly understood project management.

Development of project management practices

Development and implementation of methodologies, procedures and design standards. The organization of risk, processes, quality or change management in projects. Evaluation of projects using Earned Value Management approach. Automation of project management processes. Development of the implementation methodology of the integrated management system.

Advising on key areas of project management:

Planning, management costs, risks and documentation. Creating a project management office (or project portfolio) - PMO. Communication and decision-making processes in the project. Roles and responsibilities of the different parties involved in the project. The key success factors of the project. Risk assessment and methods of its elimination (restrictions).

Conducting pilot projects

Launching of the system at the customer selected projects in order to verify the appropriate methods of project management. The results allow you to adjust the target solution to the needs of the entire enterprise or organization.

Software distribution

DAT CC has a wide range, highly regarded in the world, information systems to support project management and project portfolio regardless of the profile and size of the organization. We distribute software such as Oracle Primavera, Asta Powerproject, Microsoft Project, TILOS, CostOS, Autodesk, ISETIA.

We also create our own solutions based on the specific requirements and needs of the customer.

In addition, we provide complete systems integration, because we know that the implementation of project management system is really an introduction of another system in the company. The need to avoid creating additional work on data entry, eliminating the risk of errors and inconsistencies, as well as access to various data in one place makes it imperative to integrate systems.

Our specialists have extensive knowledge in the field of integration projects and functioning of the company. The integration of project management with ERP and CRM with financial and accounting modules, or modules of personnel management, brings our customers tangible benefits: increased productivity and efficiency, among others, by eliminating unnecessary data, facilitating the decision-making process through the simultaneous use of information from multiple databases, the ability to use the knowledge and skills of professionals who already have used the project management software.

Project Management Solutions offered by DAT CC integrate with products of companies such as Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, JD Edwards, Matrix.pl (Symphony), Athena Soft (Norma, Capital).


DAT CC offers several variants of implementation services. Starting from the adjustment of individual training and basic consultation on the use of the solution to a complex, multi-stage implementation process. It includes analysis, design solutions, implementation design, develop implementation and evaluation of the implementation.
After successful completion of the implementation, we offer our customers the service and support after deployment.

The key to successful implementation of project management in the organization is a correct plan and execution of its subsequent stages, which are detailed in design work, including the preparation of:

  • structure of the project organization (EPS)
  • the organizational structure of the company (OBS)
  • procedures for entering data,
  • patterns of projects and procedures
  • other additional work that fully adapt implemented solutions to customer requirements, among others, preparation of technical environment (servers, workstations).


The practice of outsourcing some business functions is becoming more widespread as the corporations tend to focus on their core business, while wanting to make sure that the rest of their business is properly conducted.

We offer professional construction management services, tailored to the needs of a specific project, depending on its complexity and scope.

With complex projects, consisting of a number of tasks and requiring the involvement of many subcontractors, our experts enter usually already in the planning stage of the project, offering consultancy in the following areas:

  • Assessment of the planned budget and project schedule
  • Validation of cost estimates
  • Adjusting package offers from providers to the lowest cost of the project
  • Monitoring and coordinating the daily construction activities

Our construction engineers and supervisory staff are experts in monitoring the quality of construction and preparation of the accompanying documentation materials and equipment.

We offer a wide range of services in the field of engineering and construction supervision. We work with our clients on various projects, such as construction of roads, construction of refineries and industrial plants, construction of residential and public buildings.

We specialize in:

  • Administering projects
  • Daily inspections
  • Project Documentation
  • Submission of assessment / review
  • Consulting in the planning stage
  • Feasibility Reports
  • Engineering value
  • Surveying critical path
  • Testing the material
  • Estimating the costs
  • Analysis of complaints

DAT CC is able to carry out cost estimates at any time during the planning of the project and any required level of detail. Based on the knowledge of local construction costs and provided to us by the customer early planning data, we are able to prepare a reliable assessment of project budget.

During the development of the project we often combine cost estimates with the feasibility assessment and analysis of alternative scenarios, which are mostly prepared at the moment of 30-, 60- and 90-five percent completion of the project plan. As the work progresses, calculation of costs can be more precise.

DAT CC employs estimators with experience in various fields of construction and knowledge of current systems and building practices. We use computer systems to facilitate costing scored for components (e.g. Labor, materials, and equipment), construction system, surface or floors.

Our cost estimate services are also extended to the stages of customer acquisition and actual construction. We make evaluation of bids, the revision of the costs incurred by subcontractors and, if necessary, we suggest changes in the sequence of the work.

Scheduling and managing the purchase of materials, systems and equipment is necessary to maintain control over large-scale projects. When managing supplies, first we identify goods with long delivery period and save the date of delivery to the master schedule as milestones. Then we monitor the date of delivery of these items.

For our clients, we can also control and monitor the quality of delivery services of their partners, check procedures for receiving and storage of materials, equipment and components of the system. We also offer control of external production.

Provided by DAT CC services related with supervision (control) of the project include: estimating the cost of the construction project, supervision of schedules, costs and documentation, preparation of reports and the management of claims and lawsuits for damages. Specialists for Project controls support your projects while working full-time or “on call” depending on the specifics of the project.

Our specialists offer an analysis of claims and support in negotiations as well as provide testimony of witnesses-experts on the use of arbitration proceedings and litigation.
All of our specialists in the construction supervision are well established and supported by experience, knowledge of Primavera software project management.

The scope of our services also includes the launch and implementation of a system for the management of construction projects, both in terms of hardware as software, and training issues of implementation and performance for permanent client staff.

Together with our customers we are working on the establishment of an effective risk management strategy that reflects and supports overall business objectives of their organization. Our advice and supporting decision-makers in the field of risk management is based on in-depth, expertise and knowledge of best practices.

Selecting the right partner for risk management is the key to success in this field. Offered by DAT CC, external service risk management has been prepared in response to this emerging need.

Our commitment to the risk management process covers a range from periodic project works to providing the leadership and management on site, in full or part-time.

Establishing an effective risk management strategy.
The objective of risk management is to proactively establish programs and processes that at the lowest possible cost support the business goals of the organization, while protecting its assets – property and staff – from unnecessary losses.

Assessment and risk identification.
The organization unable or unprepared to conduct a full-scale risk assessment should still measure their vulnerability to losses. DAT CC assists clients with the identification and valuation of assets and resources, recognizing the key potential areas of losses, risk calculation and forecasting future losses.

We also provide management and risk analysis integrated into the project management and project portfolio such as Pertmaster, Microsoft Project and Primavera.
DAT CC provides its clients consulting services in Enterprise Risk Management, to enable diagnosis, determine the amount and prioritize the risks involved in terms of importance. Working with its customers consultants DAT CC try to answer the following questions and resolve the following issues:

The strategy towards risk

• What is the strategy of risk management in your organization?
• How does the strategy of enterprise risk management is presented and carried out throughout the company

Recognizing risk

  • What is the probability dimension, reaction time and the validity of the five major risks?
  • What are the financial implications for your business?
  • Which risks are the raw?
  • How risk should be organized in order of importance?

Risk owners

• How each team participates in achieving the strategic goals?
• How teams / units are settled with success?

Approach to risk

  • How is risk managed in your company right now?
  • Is this approach effective?

Recognizing risk

• What is the definition of risk in your organization?
• What are the 5 major risks your organization?

Solutions for Risk

  • What risk management processes are appropriate (judging from the answers to the previous questions)?
  • What action plan should be used?
  • How is the risk monitored?


DAT CC provides full technical, as well as essential support.



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Support includes:

Registering tickets and issues, solving technical problems

Forwarding suggests and feedbacks about systems, needed features etc. directly to provider

Maintaining the provided systems stand-by

Maintenance for solutions

Technical and essential help

Software update/upgrade

Access to technical documentation

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