Asta Powerproject Quick Jump Start Program


5 days

(40 hours)

Training method

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Manual exercises

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Would you like to get a jumpstart on your ASTA onsite training? Would you like to be sure your ASTA training runs smoothly, exceeds your expectations and gives your team a head start on planning and managing their own projects? If so, the ASTA Jumpstart Training program is for your requirements.

ASTA Jumpstart Training bookends our standard two-day course with a one-day advance functionality course and a two-day post-course consulting session designed to maximize the effectiveness of onsite training and deliver great value to your company with your project sample.

In the post-course consulting session, the consultant helps users apply what they have learned to more effectively manage their own projects. Users and consultant work on the real project sample or create one sample project on participants’ industry.


Jumpstart Training delivers a results-driven engagement where users apply their knowledge to solve real problems. We are able to deliver results quickly with:

Focused curriculum – Training consultant stresses topics important to your organization.

Immediate reinforcement – Users have immediate opportunity to apply skills learned in training.

Personal attention – Small class size (maximum 10 users) ensures adequate attention to each student’s needs.

Easy set up – Consultant configures your environment for training with minimal time required from your organization.

Profile of participants

Szkolenie skierowane jest członków zespołów projektowych, kierowników projektów oraz menadżerów wszystkich szczebli zarzadzania.


STEP 1: Standard Training – 2 days

  • Introduction to Project Portfolio Resource Management Concept
  • Creating new project files / project template concept
  • Quick Start User Ribbon Interface
  • Interface Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS) and Enterprise Project Structure (EPS) in Asta Powerproject
  • Project Management Life Cycle in Asta Powerproject
  • Adding and editing activities
  • Scheduling techniques and Creating schedules
  • Link logic, linking tasks and rescheduling the project – Critical path
  • Annotating, adding notes, linking documents and formatting
  • Creating a programme of projects
  • Determining the project and coding structure
  • Library preparation and options setting
  • Customizing calendars, filters, sorts, tables and views
  • Work Breakdown Structure and Work Breakdown Numbering
  • Creating baselines and progress management
  • Comparison of planned and actual data
  • Producing Reports, customizing report borders and printing

STEP 2: Advance Training – 1 day

  • Categorize Resource, Cost and Income items in library
  • Resource planning & controlling
  • Effective cost planning (fix, time base, unit base)
  • Task Work Planning, Line of Balance Method, Critical Chain Method, Google Earth Integration
  • Resource and Cost optimization through Histograms
  • Business Intelligence Reporting, Risk Analysis

STEP 3: Consulting – 2 days

Creating industry real sample project or customer project together with users in Asta Powerproject

STEP 4: Post-training Online Support – 6 hours

3x2h Webinar sessions after services for support

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