TILOS Advanced


2 days

(16 hours)

Training method

Exercises in the system

Manual exercises

Manual handbook

Personal Development Units

14 PDU





Our training concept is based on a 2-day program. This allows for the proper in-depth study of the various TILOS functions. The goal of the program is to enable the user to work independently immediately after completing the training course. Training includes an exercise where the participant applies the functions.

Profile of participants

The training is aimed at cost estimators, quantity surveyors, tender managers and team members.


  • Resource and cost planning & controlling on time – distance axis
  • Task calculation with resource assignment
  • Evaluation: cost and resource histograms / resource bar charts
  • Progress Types
  • Progress Analysis
  • Micro progress
  • Linear progress management: Baselining
  • Comparison of planned and actual data using Dashboards
  • Time based Gantt Chart and Distance based Gantt Chart
  • Data exchange with P6
  • Multiple project and Contractor management
  • Clash detection management
  • Mass Haulage Planning and Controlling
  • Analyzing Linear Project Case Study in Tilos
  • Exercises

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