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What is Oracle Primavera EPPM?

Oracle Primavera P6 is a scalable, efficient and configurable Enterprise Project Portfolio Management class system. It supports the planning and monitoring of projects, programs and portfolios of projects in all relevant parameters, like: time, costs, resources, risk and quality.

As a fully integrated solution it supports the environment of simultaneously managed multiple projects by multiple users. It covers the full cycle of project management, taking into account all levels of management and executive staff, offering organizations, facilitates decision-making review of the status of projects. The system provides real-time information and data via WEB interface to senior management, program managers, project managers and project team members, moreover it enables the automation of business processes through integration with workflow tools. Project team members can update the design data in many ways for example, through an application for mobile devices, via email and the Web interface.

Oracle Primavera for over 25 years is the global leader in solutions dedicated to project management. It is used in various types of organizations from many industries, such as construction, energy, engineering, financial services, aviation, IT, public sector, oil&gas and others.

Through interactive GANTT charts, planners and project managers can work together on a shared project schedules. The system supports both low-level (jobs, wage packets) and high-level (projects, WBS elements) mechanism for the allocation of resources by making it easier to project managers and resource managers the proper selection of the team and the optimum of its use.

Primavera helps project managers and team members to carry out particular elements of tasks such as:

Planning and creating schedules

  • schedules based on the critical path method enable observation of emerging changes
  • merging the plans into a coherent database that allows comparative analysis
  • hierarchical ordering of projects
  • the ability to create and analyze the relations between projects

Analysis and reporting

  • individualized, dedicated to every employee access to information
  • base of report templates with the option to adjust to the structure of the organization
  • multiple indicators allow you to assess the state of the company and its various organizational units

Resource management

  • analysis of the available resources and the option of reserving them in prior
  • charts facilitating flexible allocation of resources
  • improving cooperation between team members

Managing the standards of carrying out projects

  • project approach to each action
  • creating a library of best practices and processes
  • implementation and development of best-practices

Risk management

  • Creating alternative scenarios to solve problems
  • early warning system lets you decide on balancing factor cost, time and quality of the executed project
  • definition project risk

Cost management

  • comprehensive cost management
  • the function of calculating the earned value
  • calculating ROI
  • budget planning and ongoing monitoring of its implementation

Managing the scope of responsibilities of particular employees and their positions

  • clear requirements system assigned to each workplace
  • regular reporting of the progress of the work performed by the employee

Flexible project portfolio management

  • creating project portfolios
  • cooperation project portfolios and their interplay on the basis of individually defined criteria
  • option of determining priorities


Oracle Primavera P6 as one of the few solutions can operate on massive data packs from multiple projects. System from its beginning is built on the basis of the database and, thanks to that, provides unprecedented performance and smoothness, even for powerful portfolios and projects with hundreds of thousands of activities.

In the Enterprise version, with a centralized server application, shares a huge amount of data, on which can work many people, sharing the same projects in real time. On the other hand, there are also possible one user or one project installations where a single user can manage a single project according to specific needs.


Primavera – power of family of solutions. There is always possibility to extend Primavera’s environment by integrating tools like Unifier, Risk Analysis, or Analitics, demanding on organization’s needs.

Levels of management

As am Enterprise class tool, Oracle Primavera P6 provides Multiple users functionality, allowing customization by the needs of different levels and types of management in the organization. With an enhanced mechanism of privileges, the system’s administrator can precisely adjust a set of permissions adequately to the responsibilities and work areas a specific user. In effect, this provides the users with the appropriate set of functionalities in a matched interface.
What is more, you can create templates with pre-defined set of privileges and assign them to specific users.

Web Access

Full support for extensive staff management, by providing many types of portlets and dashboards, automatically informing about specific aspects of the business.

What Oracle Primavera P6 users say?

  • “Primavera is best tool on the market to coordinate our project management capabilities and centralise our resource planning and project forecasting. These are things we need to do as we standardize our development methods and add consistency to our processes. We’ve been very impressed with what we’ve been able to accomplished so far with Primavera"

    Julie Shebat the Enterprise Project Director Office Tools at AOL
  • “Primavera provided the only tool with the complete functionality we needed. The biggest benefit was our ability to reduce our budget. We could not have gone from a $270 million to a $94 million budget in 18 months without the ability to understand what our project load is and where our resources are"

    Chris C. Morris Senior the Manager, Project Management Office at Agere Systems

Key benefits:

Improvement of

  • Scope of cooperation between project teams and project stakeholders
  • Traceability credible state of execution of projects and monitoring of variance from the plan:
    • Support for the process of balancing the portfolio of projects in accordance with the strategic objectives of the company.
    • Faster identification and automatic communication of risks to the project.
  • The quality of products made in the projects.
  • The accuracy of decisions on starting projects, based on the analysis of the collected data and delivery of:
    • Knowledge of the whole process for improvement the decisions’ quality.
    • A broad set of current information on all projects, enabling deep understanding and proactive decision-making.

Increasing the efficiency of

  • Reducing risk of exceeding the budget and duration of the project.
  • Risk management with the most advanced tools.
  • Working with an intuitive user interface allows each user to start working conveniently.
  • Controlling incurred costs and tracking the progress of works.
  • Presenting data in a graphic form on each management level.
  • PPM processes to the objectives and strategy of the enterprise by automating business processes.
  • Reporting – cross-cutting and comprehensive information on the planning and execution of any project portfolios.

Integration and support for

  • The process of standardization of procedures for project portfolio management.
  • All of the major systems in the organization.
  • Time, costs and resources management in one easy view.
  • Working environment of project team member, project manager, PMO, portfolio or program manager.
  • Central repository of information on all projects in the organization.
  • Shared standard project templates and reports to ensure consistent performance and prognostic indicators.


  • Resource usage, maximizing ROI
  • Estimating project execution costs.
  • Planning work time for managers and project teams.

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